The “Accademia di Barolo” (the Academy of Barolo) is composed of twelve producers: Azelia, Michele Chiarlo, Poderi Luigi Einaudi, Gianni Gagliardo, Franco Martinetti, Monfalletto - Cordero di Montezemolo, Pio Cesare, Prunotto, Luciano Sandrone, Paolo Scavino and Vietti. It is headquartered in the Castello di Barolo and its mission is the diffusion, on as large and widespread a scale as possible, of knowledge and awareness of Barolo. 
The producer members make their wines, their professional experience, their image, and their enthusiasm available to a qualified public and organize encounters, courses, and events, all revolving around wine, among the most important of which is the Barolo Auction (Asta del Barolo). Founded in 1998 in the cellars of Gianni Gagliardo, the Barolo Auction is an annual initiative of international importance which involves a highly qualified public of buyers, wine lovers, and connoisseurs; along with collateral events, the Auction makes for a unique weekend dedicated to Barolo, one which captures much attention o romthe media.